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Increase Your Self Confidence

If you aren’t confident, you won’t be a good communicator and you will miss opportunities.

Active Listening

When we don’t listen effectively we can miss instructions or important insight. We can also inadvertently hurt or offend and lose key relationships.

Effective Communication & Feedback

Regarded as the #1 skill for most jobs, your communication skills will make or break both your career and relationships.

Building Resilience

Learning the skills to build resilience to manage the unforeseen is essential to staying motivated and productive during challenging times.

Client Service

Understand the fundamental behaviors that lead to client satisfaction and retention as well as how to build sustainable relationships.

Passionate Leadership

Help leaders to inspire and focus themselves and the people they lead by building self-motivated teams, driven by creating results about which they care deeply.

Time, Email & Task Management

Our most popular, well attended workshop and regarded as one of the top 5 most essential skills for productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. 

Manage Stress & Anxiety Like a Boss!

This workshop has skyrocketed in popular over the last few years. Keeping your mental health in check is essential to avoid burnout.

Working Effectively as a Team

Are you working in a group or as part of a team? Knowing the difference is key to results as it affects mindset, communication and productivity.

Overcoming Judgment and Bias

Understanding the origins of bias as well as learning self-awareness and regulation can help us learn how to work with anyone. 

Digital Wellness

Tools & tips to create more mindful habits around technology in order to foster greater productivity, less stress and stronger relationships.

We Offer 3 Delivery Options:


– Live Online via Zoom or Teams

– Pre-Recorded, Watch At Your Own Pace

– In Person

For LENGTH options, COST, or a detailed OUTLINE of what is covered in our workshops, please email us at

Who We Work With...

Over the last 15 years we have offered both professional development training and individual coaching to organizations within both the public and private sectors such as:

  • Global Affairs Canada
  • European Union Delegation
  • Embassy of Canada to the United States
  • CTV Bell Media
  • Canadian Security Establishment
  • RCMP
  • CIHI
  • Carleton University
  • Victor Canada
  • Catelli Foods
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • Financial Management Institute
  • and many others…

The Case for Refresher Training ?

THE PROBLEM with our traditional education system is that every year thousands of kids graduate with the same degrees and knowledge but not necessarily the LIFE SKILLS required to get or keep a job. If they all know the same stuff and have the same creds, then what differentiates one kid from the next from being hired?

Sadly, it’s not enough to get good grades, degrees and to be knowledgeable. We’ve seen plenty of well educated professionals struggle in their careers, not work well with others or lack the soft skills that weren’t included in their niche education.

How you present yourself, how confident, articulate and assertive you are, how resilient you are in times of challenge and how you manage multiple priorities are major factors for success! 

Here are some of the top soft-skills workshops and the cycle that plays out in real life:


Increasing Your Self-Confidence

If lack confidence, you’ll have trouble with communication & assertiveness and are more likely to get stuck in a job you don’t like because you won’t have the guts to apply for that promotion.


Leadership Skills

Not only will you be less likely to get a promotion, but if you lack leadership skills, the odds aren’t in your favor that others will want to adopt your ideas or vision or feel inspired or compelled to do what it takes to achieve the big picture outcome you desire.


Effective Communication & Feedback Skills

If you lack communication skills, you’ll have trouble with relationship management, giving feedback, expressing boundaries and managing expectations which means you won’t manage your time as effectively.


Time, Email & Task Management

If you lack time management skills, you’ll be far more stressed out than someone who knows how to say no and manage their tasks effectively which means you may become more reactive than adaptive.


Stress, Anxiety Management

If you’re stressed out you’ll be more prone to burnout and aren’t likely to have good work/life balance.


Building Resilience & Digital Wellness 

Without good work/life balance, your health, family and intimate relationships suffer.

EVEN TOP EXECUTIVES can at times forget to put into practice some of the ESSENTIAL SKILLS as they become focused on deliverables and the bottom line.

We can all use reminders so remember to make time for your self-development & continued growth!

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