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If any of the above rings true, you’ve come to the right place. It may not feel like it’s the perfect time to upgrade your life but that’s why many live with regret.

Don’t be that person.

Now is the time to start your business, or change careers, apply for that job or promotion, build your confidence, learn how to assert yourself and get to where you want to be! What does your best self look like?

I will help you get there!


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Experienced coach & Speaker


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Meet Nathalie.

She was once an unfulfilled public servant who struggled with low self-confidence.
After working together, she became a successful entrepreneur who created her own beautiful life in Belize where she now empowers others for a living - how awesome is that!

'You really have an amazing gift of kicking people in the ass with love.
Life has taken me beyond and I'm not looking back.
Can't help but be grateful everyday for the changes you helped me achieve.'
- Nathalie Gadjos, Owner, High Five Yoga, Belize

If You're Feeling Stuck then this FREE VIDEO is for you!

But first, let me answer a very common question:

People often ask: What the heck is Life Coaching anyway?
Well I'll be honest in that I don't really love the term 'Life Coach' much myself.
I much prefer 'professional empathic ass-kicker' but no one would Google that...

Life coaching is considered a form of counselling but less regressive than traditional therapy and more directive. It helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be which means that it's a lot more short lived. You don't spend years mulling over your childhood and the various ways you're broken and need to get to normal. It's more about supporting you in the now towards an end result which means you typically will have to do some work in between sessions. It's not just 'talk therapy' but it's motivating and meaningful.

(view it below).

I promise there's nothing for sale on it. There's a free gift at the end of it if you want to take me up on it. Up to you. You really have nothing to lose and a more fulfilling life to gain.

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Introducing the all new
Online Coaching Program!

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Get Unstuck, Feel Confident & Empowered!

If you're tired of feeling stressed, unfulfilled or disempowered, then this is the coaching for you!

This program is designed to help you make a change & take control of your life: whether that's starting a business, changing careers, making a move or gaining more confidence and clarity on the way forward. This program will enable you to rock your life!

Designed from over a decade of coaching experience, the
GET UNSTUCK program contains all of the crucial elements required to get out of your own way, create a tangible plan and to start taking action right away!

'Sam is an amazing coach. Within a few sessions she helped me determine my true career goals, helped me formulate a plan to reach them and taught me techniques to stay on track. Within 2 months of finishing our sessions, I had a new position and am happier than ever with my career. She's great at listening, analysis, and motivating you to do the work to get to where you want to be.

Can't recommend her highly enough.'
Bonnie Robinson
Technical Writer
Thanks for getting me unstuck! Your coaching is what I've been looking for! I feel like I've let go of my inertia and am moving forward - often even running forward to my better life! With gratitude.
Maureen R.
Policy Analyst
'I first approached Samantha for coaching during a time of both career change and personal stress. Samantha is dedicated, honest, serious about helping those she works with, and direct in how she does so. She came prepared and understood quickly who I was, and what values I have and worked to help me achieve them, not rewrite them. She pushed hard when it was needed and intuitively knew when to cut me some slack. The sessions we had were open, results oriented and engaging. And most importantly they worked!

In short, Samantha provided the support and inputs I needed when I truly needed them.
I could not have picked a better person to work with.
Howard Mann
International Investment Law & Arbitration
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