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Empowerment Life Coach

Certified at the renowned Empowerment Institute, NY and mentored by acclaimed coach and author Gail Straub, Sam has been practicing as a certified life coach for over a decade. She's helped hundreds of clients get unstuck and go on to more purposeful careers, relationships, increased self-confidence and meaningful experiences.

Bilingual motivational speaker

Sam began public speaking courses at the age of 5 years old. By her teens she had spoken before an audience of 7,000 attendees and eventually went on to become an engaging motivational speaker, drawing largely on her own unique experiences to inspire others.

career highlights

Sam has over 12 years of public and private sector experience as well as over 15 years as an entrepreneur:
- Founder, Director, Samantha Biron Inc.
- Former Chair, MindAlly, Mental Health Non Profit
- Workshop Instructor, PMC Training, Algonquin College
- Former Co-Founder, Harvest Noir, Annual Picnic Festival
- Former Co-Founder, VP Sales, National Capital SCAN



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What Inspires Me...

There are 2 quotes that continue to inspire me to share my story:

1) 'If you have a story to tell then there's someone who needs to hear it.'
2) 'Someday, what you've overcome will become someone else's survival guide.'

It's fulfilling to know that the challenges I've overcome coupled with my training has enabled me to help others. I'm known as a no-nonsense coach, speaker & storyteller and know first hand that it's harder for some more than others to overcome circumstances that are out of our control. I also know from deeply challenging personal experiences, that it's possible to overcome even some of the most difficult adversity life can throw our way. I'm all about thriving, not just surviving and living authentically. One of my greatest life lessons has been to learn the value of communicating boundaries, knowing oneself and what grounds you. Focusing on what brings us strength, purpose, and joy and protecting these needs are some of our greatest weapons against many of life's challenges.

I have a strong value of honesty even when the going gets tough and it means losing approval. There’s no question that it takes courage to speak your truth, but I think it’s a far more authentic way to live rather than always striving for external validation.

The 5 blue zones in the world where people live the longest lives are not rife with wealth, ego and external pursuits but rather tend to foster simplicity, community, family first and healthy lifestyles that include growing their own food and even napping!

I derive strength from these examples and by others who inspire me with their resilience, discipline and determination in the face of challenge, as well as from my daughter as I watch her discover and navigate life and become an awesome human. She is my greatest gift.

And, finally, I am further inspired by those I have and continue to support who are truly invested and committed to their growth

I hope that this short overview inspires you in turn to know that there are others out there who ‘get it’ and that you are not defined by what has happened to you. You get to define yourself. 

sunset, sky, beach-6619167.jpg

Everyone has it within them to find their own truth, overcome hardship and create a life that's meaningful to them with few regrets.

I know this because I have, and once thought I couldn't.


Sam likes to post about everyday relatable stuff, from being a working mom and musical artist to life with pets.
Sometimes she also posts quotes to inspire or that make her laugh as well as upcoming new programs, retreats and workshops.

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