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Empowerment Life Coach

Certified at the renowned Empowerment Institute NY and mentored by acclaimed coach and author Gail Straub, Sam has been practicing as a certified life coach for over a decade. She's helped countless clients get unstuck and go on to more purposeful careers, relationships and meaningful experiences.

Bilingual motivational speaker

Sam begin public speaking courses at the tender age of 5 years old. By her teens she had spoken before an audience of 7,000 attendees and eventually went on to become an engaging motivational speaker, drawing largely on her own unique experiences to inspire others.

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My Story

At the age of 23 I lost everyone I'd ever known.

Due to a series of events out of my control, I ended up in a place I could never have anticipated as my life as I knew it was over. Someone with ill intent reported me as having done things I hadn't done to some of the men who were in charge in my former community and I was punished harshly. My then husband who was vying for a position within the community chose not to stand up for me so as not to rock the boat which in many ways hurt more than the punishment itself. My efforts to seek support failed and this coupled with other family-related events caused me to spiral unknowingly into a deep depression by age 22.

At the time, it felt like the only way forward was to start fresh, but the cost of doing so meant losing everyone I'd ever known as I was shunned for leaving. And so my life began anew without any support or direction and I admittedly felt quite lost for several years. Aside from overcoming the trauma of social isolation and injustice, I also learned to overcome my emotionally and physically abusive childhood.
I understand first hand the crippling pain of loss and the exhaustion of deep sadness and feeling like there's no way out. I was diagnosed with PTSD and told to take months off work but as there was no one to catch me, I had to continue to work to survive. Like many others, I suffered while putting on a brave face.
Depression isn't always obvious...

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Growing up different than most of my peers and never quite fitting in, I also know what it feels like to be a misfit. As I was in a bad place for a long while as an adult and suffered from low self-esteem, for a long while I attracted the wrong partners; some of them abusive, disloyal and many of them self-serving. I didn't know how to attract love because I had to learn to love and approve of myself first.

Work felt unfulfilling even though I was good at it. I made several career changes as I tried to find something meaningful.
I also spent much time escaping with Netflix, nachos and wine, but quite frankly nachos and wine are still pretty awesome! But I digress...

Through trial and error, mistakes made and lessons learned, I managed to rebuild my self-esteem and identity without the need for external approval or validation and make healthy career and relationship choices despite criticism from others.

Overcoming fear of judgment, inadequacy and failure is in my experience one of the greatest hurdles to overcome for even the most accomplished out there and the key to building a more fulfilling life.

Choosing to motivate and inspire others for a living, I've had the privilege of supporting others in pursuing life long dreams.
Some have become entrepreneurs and some have changed or found fulfilling careers.
Others have found the courage to apply for promotions or to stand up to a bully or controlling human.
A few left bad situations or relationships and others chose to improve and work on existing ones.

What they all have in common is that they've learned how to stop doubting themselves and find their power and resilience even through rough waters. And they've learned that growth is ongoing. It's not about the end game. It's about how we feel along the way.
Connected. Loved. Energized and at peace. And that what we do with our life has meaning.

That's what it's all about. And it's so worth it.

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Everyone has it within them to find their own truth, overcome hardship and create a life that's meaningful to them with few regrets.

I know this because I have, and once thought I couldn't.

Added Career Highlights

12 years of public and private sector experience

- Founder, Director, Find Your Tribe Inc.
- Board Member, MindAlly, Mental Health & Wellness Non-Profit
- Instructor, PMC Training
- Consultant, Clariti Group Inc.

- Co-Founder, Harvest Noir Annual Festival
- Co-Founder & VP Sales, National Capital SCAN
- Wiretap Monitor, Criminal Intelligence, O.P.S.
- Corporate Sales, Learning Tree International
- Corporate Sales, Radisson Hotel
- Freelance Reporter, Ottawa Valley News
- Public Servant, Government of Canada


Sam likes to post about everyday relatable stuff, from being a working mom to life with pets. Sometimes she also posts quotes to inspire or that make her laugh as well as upcoming new programs, retreats and workshops.

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