Inspiring Human of the Month:
Rosie Dixon

Interview with Rosie:


1. Where did you grow up?

Ottawa, Canada


2. Was life easy or challenging as a kid?

It was a challenging upbringing but thankfully I had some supportive family members.


3. What do you do for a living and why did you choose this career?

I’m a creative at heart. I love to write and share visual stories. ‘By day’ I work in marketing & communications.


4. What are your most important values in life?

I value meaningful connection, creativity, self-expression, love and altruism.


5. What brings you the greatest joy?

My son brings me the greatest joy, hands down!


6. What do you fear most?

I fear:

  • living without purpose

  • harm coming to anyone I care about

  • arachnids. All of them.


7. Have you overcome any of your previous fears? If so, how so?

  • I do my best to set intentions that guide me and help others
  • I reason with myself that arachnids aren’t going anywhere. I haven’t overcome this fear but I’m a lot more calm in the presence of one.

8. What is your greatest strength and how has it served you well?

My greatest strength is my charisma and empathetic nature. It has brought amazingly beautiful people into my life, and has helped me connect in unique ways.


9. What motivates you most?

Making a positive impact in someone’s life.


10. Who has influenced you most or had a great impact on you?

There’s a person for different circumstances. I can’t imagine favoring one. 


11. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Pay attention to the things and moments you love. The recollection of those things will matter as you get older. Joy will be easier to find when you know what it feels like.


12. What qualities do you look for in your tribe? (the people you hang with)

  • engaging energy

  • authenticity

  • a bit of badassery/edge

  • a good sense of humour

  • creativity

  • a desire to contribute to the world

  • an interesting point of view


13. How and where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in eloquent words and grounding spaces.


14. What’s the best advice you would give to someone who’s struggling to find their way out of a difficult challenge, feels trapped or afraid to pursue something new?

Believe in what you thought was possible before someone told you otherwise.  Few things are linear and the definition of success is often relative.


15. What top 3 books or reading would you recommend most?

  • The Artist’s Way

  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

  • Big Magic


Thank you for your time and inspiration Rosie!

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